Monday Playlist

I haven’t done this in a while – so let’s see what’s changed!

1. Rush – Snakes and Arrows – This CD over the past six months shows up in my cd player every once and a while. Full of great songs, philosophy, incredible musicianship, and an agnostic overtone that makes me glad to know the Creator, but gives me a glimpse of what my thoughts might’ve been if I didn’t.

2. Punch Brothers – Who’s Feeling Young Now – I heard some critiques over this album; people complained that it was overproduced and didn’t have the same organic sound that previous Punch Brothers albums have had. Pfff, forget that – this is progressive bluegrass at its finest and it reminds me of how much I miss Joy Kills Sorrow being together.

3. Within Temptation – The Silent Force – I literally hadn’t listened to this album in years. I came upon it today while I was cleaning. For a pop album (according to Finnish/Swedish standards), the orchestration and development is out of this world. Within the verse, chorus, bridge, etc., form – the composers and orchestrators build their orchestrations and motifs well enough to make a classically trained composer smile. Reminds me why I got into writing metal to begin with.


… I’ll just leave this right here.

Johnny’s Top 10 Prog Love Songs

Just thought I’d have a little fun here. I don’t do lists often, but when I do…

These are several of my favorite “love songs” from progressive rock & metal bands. Not all of which are “happy;” however, all deal with love whether in it, departure, longing, or loss.  I tried to keep it diverse and not repeat artists the best I could. So, in no particular order… Enjoy!!

  • Pain of Salvation – This Heart of Mine 
  • The Moody Blues – Words You Say 
  • Sonata Arctica – Last Drop Falls 
  • Blackfield – Once 
  • Porcupine Tree – Collapse the Light into Earth 
  • Electric Light Orchestra – Shangri-La 
  • Within Temptation – Aquarius 
  • Muse – Feeling Good (cover) – 
  • Nightwish – Beauty of the Beast 
  • Opeth – Isolation Years –