Currently Listening To | Week of 12/2

  • Nightwish – Oceanborn
  • Pain of Salvation – Remedy Lane
  • Amon Amarth – Surtur Rising
Surtur Rising
Surtur Rising (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The ‘Oceanborn’ album is especially fresh after all of Nightwish’s recent releases being so cinematic in orchestration. I’m guilty of using the orchestra samples & click tracks live – you kinda have to when you play the “symphonic metal live in concert” game; however, I am thrilled to hear Nightwish at an earlier time with more lead guitar work, more synth & piano lines, and definitely Tarja.  I re-listened to Pain of Salvation’s “Remedy Lane” because I found it in the car and it’s always been one of my favorite progressive metal albums – I’m still mad they didn’t play “This Heart of Mine” at our wedding reception. As for Amon Amarth…you just gotta have some Viking brutality every once and a while – Makes me very happy.

Upcoming Design/Upcoming Album

Well without any super substantial updates… Here’s what’s goin’ on . . .

The website (yes the one you’re on right now) will be getting a makeover in the upcoming month;  We’ll be going with a brighter – more fan friendly theme. I’m super personable and very open about what’s going on with my art(s) and I want to convey that through my website along with all my other social medias.

As you all have seen;

Image by J. Paxon Reyes via Flickr

I’ve released 2 albums this year; More Than Ever (symphonic metal) with Yanic Bercier and Steve DiGiorgio and the EP The Very Machines Will Cry Out (electonic).  Additionally, I’m working on another record, Waiting on the Lord, that will see a release  either in late December or January.  I’ve got some other projects in the works for 2012 and I look forward to making progress on them and making announcements to you in the near future!  I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving! More soon!

New Track Soon!

We’ve got a new track coming out soon! “Polly Wants a Rhythm” will be posted online on Sept 20th before the album release on Sept. 27th.   What can you expect from this upcoming track?  Most certainly a Steve DiGiorgio bass solo and a Yanic Bercier drum-break!  And just what are these monsters capable of?


Endorsement with WaveTransform Recording Studio

I think you all will be very happy to hear that I’ve signed an endorsement deal with Yanic Bercier of WaveTransform Recording Studio!  We’ve had a blast recording “More Than Ever,” and mixing the album.  We’ve enjoyed it so much, we thought we’d not only continue to do so, but make it official as well!   SO….You can very much expect much more symphonic metal goodness from me, Yanic Bercier, and the WaveTransform studio.

More soon! Stay tuned!  – Johnny

Steve DiGiorgio Confirmed for Johnny Newman album

Steve DiGiorgio (Testament, Death, Iced Earth, Futures End) has been confirmed as the bassist for the Johnny Newman album “More Than Ever”   He flew into Knoxville this past Saturday and over the course of just a few days..he recorded all his bass parts for the album at WaveTransform Recording Studio in Knoxville, TN. This is some of the most virtuosic-crazy-slappin’-chromatically-thumpin‘ fretless bass playing you’ll ever hear!  Steve is an amazing, funny, and humble musician. You couldn’t ask for a better person to work with.  We all had a blast hanging out in the studio and really enjoyed the abundance of musicianship flowing out of that room.    The album is currently being mixed by Yanic Bercier and is expected to be released this July.

More Than Ever
(L-R) Johnny Newman, Steve DiGiorgio, Ksenia Berestovskaya, Yanic Bercier

Upcoming Orchestration & Announcement

Cover of "Origin of Symmetry"
Cover of Origin of Symmetry

Things are slowly starting to pick up pace here in terms of production; if all goes to plan, I’ll have a big announcement in the upcoming days. Also,  a month or two back, I was working on orchestrating a track by Muse called “Micro Cuts” . . . I have now finished that orchestration and should have it online also in the next few upcoming days.

Again, apologies for the long time coming in the ‘More Than Ever’ album; however, you guys are really in for a wonderful surprise for this album. Believe me… I’ve got a line up on this album that any metal musician would kill for. More soon!

Making a Documentary!

Well, the progress from the studio is that I’ve got another song almost finished…just..not for this upcoming album.. But for the one after.  It’s called “Enough,” the lyrics are by my wife Allison, and it very metal and rockin’ indeed.

Also,  I’ve finished the first episode in a documentary covering the creation of the album. The goal is to make it real, personable, and to let it cover life and music on the way to composing/recording for a living.  I don’t feel like that transformation has ever been properly covered.  Enjoy the first episode!