Monday Playlist

I haven’t done this in a while – so let’s see what’s changed!

1. Rush – Snakes and Arrows – This CD over the past six months shows up in my cd player every once and a while. Full of great songs, philosophy, incredible musicianship, and an agnostic overtone that makes me glad to know the Creator, but gives me a glimpse of what my thoughts might’ve been if I didn’t.

2. Punch Brothers – Who’s Feeling Young Now – I heard some critiques over this album; people complained that it was overproduced and didn’t have the same organic sound that previous Punch Brothers albums have had. Pfff, forget that – this is progressive bluegrass at its finest and it reminds me of how much I miss Joy Kills Sorrow being together.

3. Within Temptation – The Silent Force – I literally hadn’t listened to this album in years. I came upon it today while I was cleaning. For a pop album (according to Finnish/Swedish standards), the orchestration and development is out of this world. Within the verse, chorus, bridge, etc., form – the composers and orchestrators build their orchestrations and motifs well enough to make a classically trained composer smile. Reminds me why I got into writing metal to begin with.


… I’ll just leave this right here.

Christian Progressive Music | Where is ‘more You less Me?’

Progressive music, rock & heavy metal, in Christianity has a terrible habit. It is only Christian by its themes, teaching of

Inside of Saint Ananias taken in 2006
Inside of Saint Ananias taken in 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

postive lessons, condemning what’s considered bad, and mentioning God as if He’s not in the room. The terrible habit is that God is hardly ever really worshiped; which is a shame if these bands are wanting to glorify Him.

Lyrically, “You” don’t exist

I’ve heard the excuse that these musicians don’t want to come off as “preachy;” And I won’t mention what band has said this.

And I’m not saying that they all really feel this way; however, to me, this shows a lack of conviction & a fear to profess the name of Jesus as Lord & personal Savior through their craft. I’m sure these musicians, in their own personal lives have no problem worshiping God or calling out or professing His name. But, when it comes to communicating a belief & a relationship with Jesus on a mass scale (I’m assuming these artists want to reach a great multitude), it sincerely bothers me that a musician or band would be afraid of being too “preachy.”

As a Christian, this comes uncomfortably close to “But everyone who denies me here on earth, I will also deny before my Father in heaven. (Matthew 10:33 NLT)

Is this the definition of the difference between “Christian” music and “Worship” music;

the difference between “me” and “You”?

As an advocate for progressive rock & metal -I’m saddened that these musicians and this genre as a whole doesn’t worship God directly…instead, passively.

I absolutely applaud Gungor, Misty Edwards & Rend Collective Experiment for writing consistently progressive music that worships God while being lyrically aggressive & musically creative. Are there more like you? I want it!

By the way, a couple of albums worth checking out.

Misty Edwards – Relentless

Gungor – Ghosts Upon the Earth

‘The Great Mistrial’

This is the newest project out of the Johnny Newman camp – We’re excited and eager to perform the story of Jesus Christ’s final days on Earth and additionally delighted about the potential of ‘The Great Mistrial’ as an upcoming album. Do check out the video below – AND – if you’re interested in booking or more information – email us at

New Projects – Monday Playlist

With this New Year – I’m overcome with new projects – both symphonic rock/metal & electronic. I’ll have more detail soon – but both are in creation with performance in mind! More soon! In the meantime! – Monday Playlist!

The Hammering Process
Image via Wikipedia


  1. Living Sacrifice – The Hammering Process – I really enjoyed ‘Conceived in Fire’ – so I got this one, as well. Awesome dual percussion, breakdowns, and dissonant guitar work. Similar in ways to Meshuggah 😉
  2. Demon Hunter – The Triptych – Definitely a classic and essential album in the world of Christian metal – many great songs on this album.
  3. Becoming the Archetype – Dichotomy – Probably my favorite release from the Atlanta-based Christian metal band. It bases it concepts around the C.S. Lewis space trilogy – great metal and lyrical themes – and probably my favorite – “Science cannot explain me… This body will not contain me”  AH! Epic!

Upcoming Design/Upcoming Album

Well without any super substantial updates… Here’s what’s goin’ on . . .

The website (yes the one you’re on right now) will be getting a makeover in the upcoming month;  We’ll be going with a brighter – more fan friendly theme. I’m super personable and very open about what’s going on with my art(s) and I want to convey that through my website along with all my other social medias.

As you all have seen;

Image by J. Paxon Reyes via Flickr

I’ve released 2 albums this year; More Than Ever (symphonic metal) with Yanic Bercier and Steve DiGiorgio and the EP The Very Machines Will Cry Out (electonic).  Additionally, I’m working on another record, Waiting on the Lord, that will see a release  either in late December or January.  I’ve got some other projects in the works for 2012 and I look forward to making progress on them and making announcements to you in the near future!  I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving! More soon!

New Track Soon!

We’ve got a new track coming out soon! “Polly Wants a Rhythm” will be posted online on Sept 20th before the album release on Sept. 27th.   What can you expect from this upcoming track?  Most certainly a Steve DiGiorgio bass solo and a Yanic Bercier drum-break!  And just what are these monsters capable of?