Currently Listening To | Week of 11/25

  • Theatre of Tragedy – Storm
  • Theatre of Tragedy – Forever is the World
  • Rush – Test for Echo
  • Rush – Vapor Trails
  • Pearl Jam – Ten

    Cover of "Forever Is the World"
    Cover of Forever Is the World

This past week, Theatre of Tragedy has been high in my rotation; however, only their last two albums because of their switch to Nell Sigland on vocals. She doesn’t do anything especially technical; however, her tone is incredible. That could be a good lesson for us all that a good tone can trump the most technical of virtuosos. Nell also did vocals for The Crest, which is also another good listen. I hadn’t listened to Rush in a while and I’m especially fond of their songwriting on Test for Echo and Vapor Trails – I may be alone in these feelings, but those 2 albums offer something especially pleasing to the ear and mind. And finally, I’m greatly disappointed that I never really listened to Pearl Jam’s Ten album with it being such a staple of 90’s culture and the launchpad for PJ’s career. Simply songwriting at it’s finest.

– Johnny