Tasty Tuesday| “Humdinger”


I was looking to make an interesting sound with a lot of low end. My intention was to have the sound both felt and heard – something close to the 20hz low end range of human hearing (you need speakers that can reproduce tones that low). In working on it, I could hear speakers in my headphones buckling in and out – and it made my head feel funny, so I think I stumbled on to something cool. Also – Here’s a pdf of a roughly sketched patch diagram -> Humdinger Patch Diagram

Enjoy & caution, it could harm your health and/or speakers.

This Past Week | ATMOSHEAR Debut, EJM Newsletter

Atmoshear - Waiting on the LordIf you missed the updates this past week via Facebook & Twitter – Here’s a recap

ATMOSHEAR debuted the full-length album “Waiting on the Lord” on NoiseTrade! You can download the album for free & experience the enormity of sound & sonic wall that is Atmoshear.

The EXPLICT JESUS MUSIC newsletter was sent out this past week! This most recent issue of the newsletter contains details on the new Atmoshear release as well as ‘Whippoorwills & Thunder’ in the studio! Sign-up! There’s always updates on Johnny Newman, Atmoshear, Merchandise,  Manuscripts or Worship. It takes only a couple of seconds!

EJM Podcast – Writing has been going on this past week – narration recording is upcoming this week on ‘Location, Disappointment, & Worship’ – Stay tuned!

New Electronic Project | Mikro Composition

For those of you on my Facebook friends & following me on Twitter – you may have seen this pop up about once every evening. BUT, for those of you who haven’t seen it – I have a daily Mikro Composition project on-going called Sound/Per.Day hosted at Tumblr.

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

It’s quite experimental et avant garde; however, it is relevant w/ its intention, themes, & program notes. Additionally, with the end of each compositional period/theme – a digital album will be released via Johnny-Newman.com

So, if you’re unfamiliar with it, check it out Here, and definitely Follow at Twitter and Facebook.

Johnny Newman Releases ‘Ex Electronic Recordings’

It’s here! – Five years in the unbeknownst making – the 2007-2012 electronic collection –Ex Electronic Recordings  This fine collection is some of my deepest & most abstract works to date – and I hope you enjoy them very much! Click Here to listen to the album! Below is the official PR and track-listing.




Knoxville, TN May 8, 2012 – Composer Johnny Newman proves another side to his compositional arsenal with his newly released “Ex Electronic Recordings.” The album is a collection Newman’s unreleased electronic works from 2007 to 2012 and is set to impress listeners of avant-garde, electro-acoustic, and free-form electronic composition.

The idea came to Newman while recording electronic compositions for a potential free-form electronic album. After running into performance & hardware complications with the electronic works, and realizing the plethora of his previously unreleased electronic material – “Ex Electronic Recordings” came to be. “I really have the full spectrum here in terms of my writing history,” said Newman, “One of the tracks I recorded in 2007 immediately upon finishing Progressing Deviation while a couple others I wrapped up this past March.”

Beyond Newman’s electronic work, fans need not worry about the periodicity of his future releases; he has two more albums in production. His work takes a minimalist turn with his solo electric guitar album “Waiting on the Lord,” while Newman’s signature symphonic metal style comes back with “The Great Mistrial” – an album following the last days of Jesus Christ on Earth. Newman says “My current works have really been inspired either by personal testimony or the Gospels… I really just want an eternal value to what I’m doing here.”

“Ex Electronic Recordings” is currently available for streaming or digital download at Johnny-Newman.com along with his entire discography.

Official Track-Listing – Click Here to Stream Album

  1. Good Evening Johnny
  2. Beginning a New Chapter
  3. This is What Makes Us
  4. Submerged in the Word
  5. Fair Warnings
  6. Macabre Visions
  7. Thanks Ben
  8. Bobo

‘Waiting on the Lord’ – This is Post-Rock

A. Carnegie & Lord Weardale (LOC)
A. Carnegie & Lord Weardale (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress) "This has nothing to do with recordings.. I just like their hats" - J.Newman

Due to some complications in recording the LP -‘Waiting on the Lord‘ – it is currently being re-worked & re-recorded as a solo minimalism-inspired post-rock record (wow- digest that!) But – footage will surface in the near future.

Also – The electronic tracks that did get completed that were set to appear on ‘Waiting on the Lord‘ are appearing on a new digital collection to also be released in the near future.

It is called…

ex electronic recordings

Over an hour worth of previous electronic, free-form, & electroacoustic compositions from 2007-2012 that never made it to previous albums.   Track-listing will listed soon.

Upcoming Experimental Album Artwork Unveiled

Here’s the artwork for the upcoming Experimental/Drone album ‘Waiting on the Lord’ to be released this Spring. The album consists of 5 tracks – all of which deep & layered; some which rather lengthy.  The packaging of this album is very unique & independent spirited with dvd-case & postcard-insert artwork. Be expectant of solo performances in support of this album.

 Here’s the official track listing:

Johnny Newman

Waiting on the Lord

  1. pushing for a new season
  2. waiting on the Lord
  3. defining moments
  4. God move!
  5. things unseen

Upcoming Design/Upcoming Album

Well without any super substantial updates… Here’s what’s goin’ on . . .

The website (yes the one you’re on right now) will be getting a makeover in the upcoming month;  We’ll be going with a brighter – more fan friendly theme. I’m super personable and very open about what’s going on with my art(s) and I want to convey that through my website along with all my other social medias.

As you all have seen;

Image by J. Paxon Reyes via Flickr

I’ve released 2 albums this year; More Than Ever (symphonic metal) with Yanic Bercier and Steve DiGiorgio and the EP The Very Machines Will Cry Out (electonic).  Additionally, I’m working on another record, Waiting on the Lord, that will see a release  either in late December or January.  I’ve got some other projects in the works for 2012 and I look forward to making progress on them and making announcements to you in the near future!  I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving! More soon!