Orchestrating ‘There’s More To Us Than We See Now’ .. Done

This is the second composition I’ve taken from one of my orchestral scores and done a studio reduction. It is also the second to go from a studio recording, to an orchestral score, to a more orchestrated studio recording. Most of the work was already done already, so I just opened the score in Finale, did about an hour’s worth of edits and it was finished. Next is taking it into my studio for recording. I should be able to get some video footage of this next step 😉

Youtube Promo Video; Next Studio Orchestration

I’ve posted this short promo video on youtube in light of the upcoming singles I have due in the Spring. What I’m working on at the moment is the orchestration of ‘There’s More To Us Than We See” taken from the original score used at the Impassioned concert. Perhaps I can get a camera into the studio to catch some of the recording 😉

Small Personal Project;Financing Stuff

I took some time today to finish a present that I will send off to its recipients this week; its sweet, cheerful, chromatic, and rule-breaking all at the same time :-). Bach and my counterpoint professor would be proud

I’ve spent some time looking at ways to fund my upcoming album…I don’t have a set plan yet; but it may involve looking towards my fans w/ a rewards system.. Keep me in your prayers for this one