Tasty Tuesday| “Humdinger”


I was looking to make an interesting sound with a lot of low end. My intention was to have the sound both felt and heard – something close to the 20hz low end range of human hearing (you need speakers that can reproduce tones that low). In working on it, I could hear speakers in my headphones buckling in and out – and it made my head feel funny, so I think I stumbled on to something cool. Also – Here’s a pdf of a roughly sketched patch diagram -> Humdinger Patch Diagram

Enjoy & caution, it could harm your health and/or speakers.

Mikrocomposition Experimental Album Available

Sandy – a collection of mikrocompositions serving at character pieces or “portraits” of the days following superstorm Sandy is available at Johnny-Newman.com.  Compositions were posted frequently at Johnny-Newman.Tumblr.com as part of my Sound.Per/Day project – an experimental expression in mikrocomposition, avant garde electronica, and glitch.

The criteria of the project is to compose, perform, & record each song in 10 minutes. As a result of the project – themed mikrocomposition collections will be released as “seasons,” – this one being the pilot – Season 1 – Sandy.

Season two will begin in the nearing future.


New Electronic Project | Mikro Composition

For those of you on my Facebook friends & following me on Twitter – you may have seen this pop up about once every evening. BUT, for those of you who haven’t seen it – I have a daily Mikro Composition project on-going called Sound/Per.Day hosted at Tumblr.

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It’s quite experimental et avant garde; however, it is relevant w/ its intention, themes, & program notes. Additionally, with the end of each compositional period/theme – a digital album will be released via Johnny-Newman.com

So, if you’re unfamiliar with it, check it out Here, and definitely Follow at Twitter and Facebook.

Johnny Newman Releases ‘Ex Electronic Recordings’

It’s here! – Five years in the unbeknownst making – the 2007-2012 electronic collection –Ex Electronic Recordings  This fine collection is some of my deepest & most abstract works to date – and I hope you enjoy them very much! Click Here to listen to the album! Below is the official PR and track-listing.




Knoxville, TN May 8, 2012 – Composer Johnny Newman proves another side to his compositional arsenal with his newly released “Ex Electronic Recordings.” The album is a collection Newman’s unreleased electronic works from 2007 to 2012 and is set to impress listeners of avant-garde, electro-acoustic, and free-form electronic composition.

The idea came to Newman while recording electronic compositions for a potential free-form electronic album. After running into performance & hardware complications with the electronic works, and realizing the plethora of his previously unreleased electronic material – “Ex Electronic Recordings” came to be. “I really have the full spectrum here in terms of my writing history,” said Newman, “One of the tracks I recorded in 2007 immediately upon finishing Progressing Deviation while a couple others I wrapped up this past March.”

Beyond Newman’s electronic work, fans need not worry about the periodicity of his future releases; he has two more albums in production. His work takes a minimalist turn with his solo electric guitar album “Waiting on the Lord,” while Newman’s signature symphonic metal style comes back with “The Great Mistrial” – an album following the last days of Jesus Christ on Earth. Newman says “My current works have really been inspired either by personal testimony or the Gospels… I really just want an eternal value to what I’m doing here.”

“Ex Electronic Recordings” is currently available for streaming or digital download at Johnny-Newman.com along with his entire discography.

Official Track-Listing – Click Here to Stream Album

  1. Good Evening Johnny
  2. Beginning a New Chapter
  3. This is What Makes Us
  4. Submerged in the Word
  5. Fair Warnings
  6. Macabre Visions
  7. Thanks Ben
  8. Bobo

‘Waiting on the Lord’ – This is Post-Rock

A. Carnegie & Lord Weardale (LOC)
A. Carnegie & Lord Weardale (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress) "This has nothing to do with recordings.. I just like their hats" - J.Newman

Due to some complications in recording the LP -‘Waiting on the Lord‘ – it is currently being re-worked & re-recorded as a solo minimalism-inspired post-rock record (wow- digest that!) But – footage will surface in the near future.

Also – The electronic tracks that did get completed that were set to appear on ‘Waiting on the Lord‘ are appearing on a new digital collection to also be released in the near future.

It is called…

ex electronic recordings

Over an hour worth of previous electronic, free-form, & electroacoustic compositions from 2007-2012 that never made it to previous albums.   Track-listing will listed soon.

Upcoming Experimental Album Artwork Unveiled

Here’s the artwork for the upcoming Experimental/Drone album ‘Waiting on the Lord’ to be released this Spring. The album consists of 5 tracks – all of which deep & layered; some which rather lengthy.  The packaging of this album is very unique & independent spirited with dvd-case & postcard-insert artwork. Be expectant of solo performances in support of this album.

 Here’s the official track listing:

Johnny Newman

Waiting on the Lord

  1. pushing for a new season
  2. waiting on the Lord
  3. defining moments
  4. God move!
  5. things unseen

New Projects – Monday Playlist

With this New Year – I’m overcome with new projects – both symphonic rock/metal & electronic. I’ll have more detail soon – but both are in creation with performance in mind! More soon! In the meantime! – Monday Playlist!

The Hammering Process
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  1. Living Sacrifice – The Hammering Process – I really enjoyed ‘Conceived in Fire’ – so I got this one, as well. Awesome dual percussion, breakdowns, and dissonant guitar work. Similar in ways to Meshuggah 😉
  2. Demon Hunter – The Triptych – Definitely a classic and essential album in the world of Christian metal – many great songs on this album.
  3. Becoming the Archetype – Dichotomy – Probably my favorite release from the Atlanta-based Christian metal band. It bases it concepts around the C.S. Lewis space trilogy – great metal and lyrical themes – and probably my favorite – “Science cannot explain me… This body will not contain me”  AH! Epic!