We Are Not Performers, We Are Apostles | A Dream

149418_1435360893129_466945_nWe all know about successful musicians, in fact, we can’t go a day without hearing several. Signed to a label – make a living from record sales, royalties, and merchandise proclaiming their own name. But I dream of a new kind of musician.

We all know about missionaries, but we don’t hear about that many daily. We do know that they receive quite a bit of financial support from churches or even families. Still, I dream of a new kind of missionary.

The musician I dream of & dream of being is one that releases music for free. We can’t afford not to give our music away. This is a new era of music release and creation. I dream of being a composer that is supported by fans not because they were forced to pay for music, but because they choose to and desire a further communion with the musician and long for something greater. “Band” t-shirts being created without the band or artist name, but with something more relevant, significant, and eternal. The artist and fan, no longer divided, but in a symbiotic relationship together for something Bigger.

The missionary I dream of & dream of being is one that is no longer shelved under the category of creating a church plant but rather he/she/they dropping their bucket where they are and spreading the gospel through performance & free music. Music given away that many might take it home and sing along with & worship to. It would be my dream that the church and a growing community of not fans, but believers and newly born believers created in the wake of this culture would see the need for the gospel to be spread through the universal and Godly creation of music and support this new mission financially and hospitably.77028_1435358893079_1694835_n

I see a new era of musical missionaries where lead sheets and sheet music are duplicated and arranged for a multitude of instruments and ensembles and passed among believers freely. Composition, duplication, and arranging coming out of individuals stepping out in faith to worship and praise Jesus. More and more people gathering with the free music to worship in an ever growing melting pot of fellowship and communion all the while gaining support to continue this musical mission from churches and the new believers they are creating in order to create new believers that soon will be creating.

Dreaming of a culture of discipleship, couch-surfing, free music, and worship.


Author: John Matthew Newman

Disciple of the Living God, Husband to @TheRockersWife, - Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Minimalist, Avant Garde, Worship - http://Johnny-Newman.com

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