“Damages” (feat. Ksenia Berestovskaya) Available for Download!

Hey all! We’ve released our 1st single “Damages” with 100% the proceeds going to the Community Coalition Against Human Trafficking (CCAHT).  The coalition is very much involved with raising awareness of trafficking within the community and working with the trafficking victims in East Tennessee; We’re all very excited about bringing attention to this social issue and to helping out the organization in fighting these crimes.

We’ve got the whole line-up here, as well;  Johnny Newman (guitars/voice-overs), Steve DiGiorgio (bass), Yanic Bercier (drums) and introducing our amazing guest vocalist, Ms. Ksenia Berestovskaya !

You’re in for a real treat;  It’s definitely a preview of what’s to come on the album!

Go Download it Now!


Author: John Matthew Newman

Disciple of the Living God, Husband to @TheRockersWife, - Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Minimalist, Avant Garde, Worship - http://Johnny-Newman.com

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