“More Than Ever” Track Listing Announced!


  1. The Conviction
  2. There’s More To Us Than We See Now
  3. Damages (feat. Ksenia Berestovskaya)
  4. Polly Wants a Rhythm
  5. The Refinement
  6. Erase Memory
  7. Arise, Lazarus
  8. Opus Sanctus I
  9. Are You Ready? (feat. Ksenia Berestovskaya)
  10. The Cleansing
  11. Polly Wants a Rhythm (Trio Mix)

More Than Ever: 

Johnny Newman – Guitars, Talkbox, Voice-overs, Vocals

Steve DiGiorgio – Bass

Yanic Bercier – Drums

Ksenia Berestovskaya – Guest Vocals


Author: John Matthew Newman

Disciple of the Living God, Husband to @TheRockersWife, - Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Minimalist, Avant Garde, Worship - http://Johnny-Newman.com

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