What is it You’re Looking for?

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I’ve certainly noticed, in my blogging endeavors and going through several different social networking websites, that most sites have made it easy to post pictures; AND most blogs that involve pictures are very successful in getting much traffic to them (the reason why I try to post SOME photo with my posts).   And photo-blogging is completely easy…if you take photos often.

But…as we all have probably outrageously guessed… I am but a composer.  And I do write some outrageous and complex chromatic orchestrations.   And it does take several steps getting the music from the score, into midi, into Cubase & through Kontakt (sampler) for 1 instrument/track. (this doesn’t include scratch drum & guitar tracks) Then..exporting a rough mix and uploading it.

So, what is it you’re looking for from me? For me to keep doing as I’ve been doing?…or is there something more to a composer that you wish to see?


Author: John Matthew Newman

Disciple of the Living God, Husband to @TheRockersWife, - Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Minimalist, Avant Garde, Worship - http://Johnny-Newman.com

2 thoughts on “What is it You’re Looking for?”

  1. Personally, I’m stunned that you go through that much trouble to track a single instrument. However, in my opinion, I believe that you should keep doing what you feel is best, or what you feel led to do. I understand the desire to appease the people, but please don’t do it at any expense to your artistic vision or ease of expression.

    Then again, I suppose I should ask you what you want for yourself out of this album. So what is it that you are looking for, Mr. Newman?

    1. Well, I certainly don’t mind doing all of this work for an album.. and for this current album, all of this work is actually already done. I was asking the question above in terms of blogging. A lot of bloggers post photos; but, does a composer/blogger post photos, as well? Does he post music? or something more? <- That's summary of the original post.

      Out of this album..and future albums.. I am writing the music that I LOVE to write. There's obviously a lot of steps involved in the music I write, but it is absolutely worth it. To write such chromatic and aggressive metal music in a totally orchestrated medium and have it very much scripture based and towards the idea of glorifying God; Every step in composing & creating it is completely worthwhile and enjoyable.

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