A Great Morning

Minimoog synthesizer
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For one; I am really thankful to have a tiny synthesizer… and a backpack from my freshman year of college that is still in tact   So, before I spent all morning working on creating news sounds in my synth and Kontakt, and comping patterns… I knew the morning/day wouldn’t go well without some morning scripture.  So, I had some coffee (which was mediocre) and went through a couple of Psalms (which was awesome) then some scripture in Hebrews (also awesome)  that our worship leader Jarrod Justice had recommended. Feeling great… I got onto work

The time I spend with my musical equipment (whether it’s my guitars, effects, synthesizers, samplers) working on new sounds, textures, effects, & techniques while being mindful that whatever it is I’m working with… should & hopefully will be used in a worship setting… brings me so much joy, patience, and creativity while I’m working.  It feels like I can work forever…and often do.  I spent from about 8:30am to 12:30pm working and alternating between my synth and Kontakt.. oh the  sounds I made. And if I don’t ever get to use my synth or Kontakt in a worship setting.. I am still satisfied because it is for Him.


Author: John Matthew Newman

Disciple of the Living God, Husband to @TheRockersWife, - Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Minimalist, Avant Garde, Worship - http://Johnny-Newman.com

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