Revamping an Unreleased

I’d spent some time re-orchestrating a composition I did at the beginning of 2007. For some reason, back then I thought I was going to be in a Rush-esque trio with me on bass and keyboards with two others for drums and guitar. Well, obviously that didn’t pan out, but I still had a composition from that scenario. I’ve orchestrated all of the keyboard tracks for string orchestra, re-arranged some of the instrumental stuff for more chromaticism, development, and overall punch. This is also a composition that has vocals in it… and while the vocals do pertain to my vision in the music I’m writing now, I’m working on a different theme for these words.

The re-orchestrated parts have been written and recorded; today and tomorrow will involve recording of guitar and bass tracks. As a side note, this is one of the songs on the upcoming album that will have guest vocals.


Author: John Matthew Newman

Disciple of the Living God, Husband to @TheRockersWife, - Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Minimalist, Avant Garde, Worship -

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